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We Provide State-of-the-Art Trainings for Super-Learning!

Super-Learning Systems
7 Courses to become a Super-Learner

Mind Mapping

Endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn the amazing creative thinking tool, used by millions of people worldwide and within organizations such as Apple, United Nations, Disney and NASA. A thinking technique earlier used by Leonardo da Vinci & others.

Memory Skills

Endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn memory techniques that will help you to NEVER FORGET IMPORTANT Information as well as study materials, business files, numbers, facts, figures and much more. Take your memory to an entirely new level.


Endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn step-by-step how speed reading techniques can help you read faster, understand more, and improve efficiency, reading memory, comprehension and concentration.

Applied Innovation

Endorsed by Chris Griffith

Learn to develop innovative thinking, creativity, and smarter decision-making power. A training used by individuals worldwide within organizations such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, NASA, and more.

Memory Athlete

Endorsed by Dominic O’Brien

This training is specialized for those who are interested in taking part in National and World Memory Competitions.


Endorsed by COFW

Become a Math Genius and calculate numbers in the head faster! Learn to take-in numbers at lightning speed and process the calculation within no time!

Endorsed by COFW

Easily and successfully pass all standard curriculum exams in all subjects, including Math, Language, ICT, Geography, Science, and more. 

Memorize key facts and absorb necessary knowledge to pass any type of exam.

TONY BUZAN - is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain. Buzan popularized the idea of mental literacy and the thinking technique (Mind Mapping) earlier used by Leonardo da Vinci and others. He is also a renowned best-selling author of over 100 books and an international speaker on creative thinking, learning, memory, leadership and speed reading.

DOMINIC O'BRIEN  – is 8 times World Memory Champion and 1 time Senior Memory Champion. An author of many memory-related books. He is also a record holder in the Guinness Book of Records for committing to memory a random sequence of 2808 playing cards (54 packs) after looking at each card only once.

In 1994, Dominic was named Brain of the Year by the Brain Trust of Great Britain, and the Grand Master of Memory award was presented to him by Prince Philippe of Liechtenstein.

CHRIS GRIFFITHS - is the founder of OpenGenius, the company behind digital Mind Mapping software, iMindMap, now used by over one million people, and visual task management app, DropTask.  He is also a bestselling author on creativity and innovative thinking skills. 

He has coached Senior Leadership Teams in the European Commission, Parliaments and Courts, and was invited by his majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan to facilitate a brainstorming session for Nobel Laureates at The Petra Nobel Conference.

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