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Our Services

We are pioneers in combining leading-edge technologies for faster and improved learning and we are committed to bringing Excellence in Human Development Programs!


Individual & Corporate Trainings

Our 7 training programs provided on individual basis to students and professionals.

It’s all about muscle building. You exercise the body for fitness, you must exercise the brain into fitness. In other words, USE IT OR LOSE IT!


Monthly Interactive Workshops 

Monthly workshop where we introduce the fascinating aspects of the brain as well as ways to activate the innate ability to become smart, productive, creative, innovative and a Super-Learner.


Schools Championships 

This training is provided to teachers and students willing to compete in Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, and Memory Schools Championships. At the end of a practice period (such as 6 months) qualified students from all the participating schools will compete against each other until we have the absolute best Athlete who will win the title of Schools Champion and a prize.


Pakistan National Memory Championships 

Annual memory competitions where the best of the best will compete to win the title of ‘Pakistan National Memory Champion’ along with a prize and support to take part in World Memory Championships.


Memory Competition TV Shows 

A TV program in which we select competitors from all across Pakistan and train them in 10 Memory Disciplines. The finest of the selected will compete against each other until we find the winner of the show who will be declared as ‘Pakistan’s Brain of the Year’.


IHMD’s Mental Literacy Club 

A membership-based club for members to avail IHMD’s all services at their convenience with the option of repeating courses as many times as desired. It is a forum for members to gather and develop their mental literacy through our many services as well as participate in interesting lectures and discussions.

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World Memory Championships & World Memory Sports Council.