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Our Services

We are pioneers in combining leading-edge technologies for faster and improved learning and we are committed to bringing Excellence in Human Memory Development!


Individual & Corporate Trainings

These are our 7 training programs that will be provided on individual basis to students and professionals. The 7 courses are Mind Mapping, Memory Skills, Speed Reading, Math-Genius, Memory Athlete, Applied Innovation and Exam Success. These training programs are used by individuals within large companies and organizations such as NASA, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Disney.

It’s all about muscle building. You exercise the body for fitness, you must exercise the brain into fitness. In other words, USE IT OR LOSE IT!


Monthly Interactive Workshops 

This is a monthly workshop where we introduce the fascinating aspects of the brain, the flaws of outdated traditional learning as well as ways to activate the innate ability to become smart, productive, creative, innovative and a Super-Learner.


Schools Memory Championships 

This training will be provided free-of-cost to teachers and students. The teachers after taking training from IHMD will become the guiding point for the students who are willing to invest their time in practicing the 10 Memory Disciplines. The 10 Memory Disciplines are; Names and Faces, Binary Numbers, Random Numbers, Abstract Images, Speed Numbers, Historic/Future Dates, Random Cards, Random Words, Spoken Numbers, and Speed Cards. At the end of a practice period (such as 6 months) qualified students from all the participating schools will compete against each other until we have the absolute best Memory Athlete who will win the title of Schools Memory Champion and a prize.


Pakistan National Memory Championships 

IHMD will conduct annual memory competitions where the best of the best will compete to win the title of ‘Pakistan National Memory Champion’ along with a prize and full sponsorship to take part in World Memory Championships.


Memory Competition TV Shows 

We are very excited to be releasing this news that very soon we will launch a TV program in which we will select competitors from all across Pakistan and train them in 10 Memory Disciplines. The finest of the selected will compete against each other until we find the winner of the show who will be declared as ‘Pakistan’s Brain of the Year’.


IHMD’s Mental Literacy Club 

A membership-based club for members to avail IHMD’s all services at their convenience with the option of repeating courses as many times as desired. It is a forum for members to gather and develop their own mental literacy through our many services as well as participate in interesting lectures and discussions.


At Institute of Human Memory Development our aim is to help you achieve Accelerated Learning.

We use state-of-the-art trainings and technologies to educate you on HOW your Brain, Mind and Heart LEARNS information. In other words we teach you one of the most important fundamentals of LEARNING which the education systems across the globe fail to teach… LEARNING HOW TO LEARN.

Let’s start by asking yourself a few questions. The answers to these questions are the crux to understanding why up until now you have failed in learning and how through IHMD’s Programs you can begin your Accelerated Learning.

Q. - Why is it that only one students tops in each grade while the rest of the class falls behind? If everyone in the class is learning the same subject, from the same teacher, why doesn’t every student excel at the same percentage (100%)?
Q. - Do you or have you always aced your grades by rote method? Cramming as much information in your brain as possible before the exam, then immediately forgetting all that information after the exam? Never implementing that information later-on in life because you never really learned it but rather temporarily stored it in short-term memory to pass your exams.
Q. - Have you always remained confused about how to store useful and necessary information in your long-term memory?
Q. - Have you ever wondered why no one has ever educated you on HOW TO LEARN what you are LEARNING? Parents tell you to go to school and learn. Teachers tell you go home and prepare for your exams. But no one really tells you how to study, how to learn, how to prepare for exams.
Q. - While we all know how incredible the human brain is, how come on average every individual struggles to get their brain to work as amazingly as it’s designed to do so? Working only on a fraction of what the brain is truly capable of.
Q. - Why does it take years of education to only read a few text books, pass a few exams, write an essay etc. Why is learning so slow? Does it really take years and years to cover all that literacy information?
Q. - Education statistics show that while a very good percentage of students successfully receive diploma, less than half of those are able to proficiently read or complete math problems. What good is that diploma if after so many years of education you lack the basic skills?
Q. - Neuroscientists have found that the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds. If the brain is capable of such speed then why do we take days and years to read something that could take as little as minutes or hours?

The above questions and many more, highlight a very important fact, that education system is failing to develop and implement ways in which students can accelerate learning and develop their true abilities. 

The Fascinating Facet of Human Brain – MEMORY

MEMORY, an incredibly complex system that allows us to record, retain and recall information.

Scientific research has shown that the storage capacity of the human brain is virtually limitless.

Memory loss or weak memory is NOT associated with aging. Memory loss is generally because we tend to exercise our brains less often then we should. The brain/mind must be exercised just like any other muscle in the body. And it is through this continuous muscle building that you become an expert in memory, just like in any other field such as an Olympic Athlete.

The human brain consists of billions of neurons. Each neuron forms thousands of connections to other neurons, amounting to more than a trillion connections. Neurons combine so that each one helps with many memories at a time, exponentially increasing the brain’s memory storage capacity.

IHMD’s all courses are based upon latest scientific studies and researches on Human Heart, Mind and Brain. We bring the best of technologies to help you achieve the best from your Heart, Mind and Brain functioning for Accelerated Learning. 

Browse through our cutting-edge services below and contact us to find out how you can start your Accelerated Learning TODAY !

Mind Mapping

Endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn the amazing creative thinking tool, used by millions of people worldwide and within organizations such as Apple, United Nations, Disney and NASA.

Mind Mapping is a thinking technique earlier used by Leonardo da Vinci and others.

Memory Skills

Endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn the amazing memory techniques that will help you to NEVER FORGET IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Take your memory to an entirely new level.

Speed Reading

Endorsed by Tony Buzan

Learn how speed reading techniques can help you read faster, understand more, and improve efficiency, reading memory, comprehension and concentration.

Applied Innovation

Endorsed by Chris Griffith

Learn to develop innovative thinking and smarter decision-making power. A training used by individuals worldwide within organizations such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, NASA.

Memory Athlete

Endorsed by Dominic O’Brien

This training is specialized for those who are interested in taking part in National and World Memory Competitions.

Math Genius

Endorsed by COFW

Become a Math Genius and calculate numbers in the head faster! Learn to take-in numbers at lightning speed and process the calculation within no time!

Pakistan National Memory Championships

Compete in Mental Literacy 

Pakistan is now a proud participating country amongst the many countries holding yearly competitions of mind memory sports. Every year national competition will be held between students who have mastered the 10 disciplines of memory.

Pakistan Schools Memory Championships

Improve memory & excel in Academic Studies

Our aim is to help students enhance their learning skills, boost brain-powers, improve memory, excel in their academic studies as well as encourage participation in mind sports, by providing most advance brain-building technologies and tools.

TONY BUZAN - is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain. Buzan popularized the idea of mental literacy and the thinking technique (Mind Mapping) earlier used by Leonardo da Vinci and others. He is also a renowned best-selling author of over 100 books and an international speaker on creative thinking, learning, memory, leadership and speed reading.

DOMINIC O'BRIEN  – is 8 times World Memory Champion and 1 time Senior Memory Champion. An author of many memory-related books. He is also a record holder in the Guinness Book of Records for committing to memory a random sequence of 2808 playing cards (54 packs) after looking at each card only once.

In 1994, Dominic was named Brain of the Year by the Brain Trust of Great Britain, and the Grand Master of Memory award was presented to him by Prince Philippe of Liechtenstein.

CHRIS GRIFFITHS - is the founder of OpenGenius, the company behind digital Mind Mapping software, iMindMap, now used by over one million people, and visual task management app, DropTask.  He is also a bestselling author on creativity and innovative thinking skills. 

He has coached Senior Leadership Teams in the European Commission, Parliaments and Courts, and was invited by his majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan to facilitate a brainstorming session of Nobel Laureates at The Petra Nobel Conference.

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World Memory Championships & World Memory Sports Council.