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Memory Skills

Learn the amazing memory techniques
that will help you to

What is Memory Skills?

Are you constantly forgetting not only basic day-to-day To-Do List but also VALUABLE & NECESSARY INFORMATION? Do you forget those key pointes from school lectures or those important bits of information from your business meetings?

Master Your Memory! Learn to capture as much information as possible, create key associations to remember even the smallest of detail and become ‘brain-fit’. Transform your memory by re-mapping memory input and retrieval system, with interactive memory training programs that will teach you time proven methods of Memory-Development, allowing you to put conscious and subconscious into communication so you can retrieve what you perceive.

Unleash your immense power to record, retain, and recall information within seconds!

This training is backed by 40 years of experience by the inventor Tony Buzan. 

Benefits of Memory Skills

• Think Faster, Sharper and Remember Far More than you ever thought Possible.

• Dramatically Improving Your Ability to Remember and Recall Information Accurately.

• Increase Your IQ

• Remember all your Essential Information, from your classroom notes to presentations, to almost anything you want to memorize.

• Remembers Facts and Figures

• Remembers Names & Faces

• Remember Important Dates and Numbers

• Think More Creatively and Imaginatively

• Achieve Greater Success in All Areas of Your Life. 

Course Details

10 Sessions (3 Hours a Day) - 30 Hours

• Memory Skills Tools & Techniques

• Photographic-Mind

• 3D Imagery Vision & Focus Enhancer

• Brain Boosters & Brain Gymnastics Program

• Brain Fitness – Auditory and Visual Brain Memory Training

• Brain-Coherence Technology

• Computer Based Eye-Brain Coordination Enhancer

• DNA Rejuvenation - Audio Track

• Healthy Brain Diet Recommendations

• Heart-Coherence Technology

• Super Natural Genius - Audio Track


This technology builds your ability to capture everything in memory a whole new way, using your body’s emotions, verbal left brain, and visual right brain in combination to photograph information and recall it whenever needed.

3D Imagery Vision & Focus Enhancer

It is a “vision therapy” consisting of exercises to systematically train your entire visual system through 3D images that are specially designed using patented algorithms. This technology gives you a 3D visual experience, utilizing your natural gift of sight.

Brain Boosters & Brain Gymnastics Program

A group of dynamic techniques and methods based on applied kinesiology that uses elegant body movements to integrate brain functioning for efficient learning and greater productivity.


Through Brain-Coherence Technology you will learn to replace your mental disturbance with Peace and Stability. A coherent brain is free of negative thoughts, which is a perfect state to operate from.

Brain Fitness – Auditory and Visual Brain Memory Training

Computerized Interactive Training Program to improve memory, attention, brain speed, focus and clearer thinking as well as improve visual and auditory processing while building stronger problem-solving skills.

Computer Based Eye-Brain Coordination Enhancer

This intensive Eye-Brain Coordination Technology builds your core processing skills, which are needed for super-reading and learning. Through unique techniques you will develop skills and make physical changes to the brain in just seven minutes, resulting with permanently enriched learning abilities.

DNA Rejuvenation - Audio Track

Sound frequencies which reprogram your DNA, improve physical health, enhance immune system, decrease the aging process and increase feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.

Heart-Coherence Technology

Heart-Coherence Technology will help increase your stress management abilities and interpersonal skills. This technology is based on the research that feeling positive emotions causes smooth heart rhythm. A shift in heart rhythm creates favorable cascade of neural, hormonal, and biochemical events that benefit the entire body.

Super Natural Genius Activator for I.Q. – Audio Track

Sound frequencies which program your subconscious and awaken your natural genius. A powerful tool for transforming and unleashing your whole brain thinking. It boosts your extraordinary mental output and reframes the concept of genius.

Healthy Brain Diet Recommendations

Healthy Brain Diet Recommendations to enhance your brain performance, improve recall abilities as well as to keep your brain active and healthy.