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Math Genius

Become a Math Genius & Calculate
Numbers in the Head Faster!

What is Math Genius?

Are you constantly struggling to do even the most basic of math in your head? Do you always need a calculator to do all your calculations?

Become a Math Genius and calculate numbers in the head faster! Learn to take-in numbers at lightning speed and process the calculation within no time!

Use this powerful skill for your academic studies or for your business.  

Benefits of Math Genius

• Calculate Numbers Easily

• Excel in Academic Studies

• Increase Mental Agility

• Learn Special and General Methods  

• And Much more… 

Course Details

10 Sessions (3 Hours a Day) - 30 Hours

• 3D Imagery Vision & Focus Enhancer

• Brain Boosters & Brain Gymnastics Program

• Brain-Coherence Technology

• Computer Based Eye-Brain Coordination Enhancer

• DNA Rejuvenation - Audio Track

• Healthy Brain Diet Recommendations

• Heart-Coherence Technology

• Mind Power Builder - Focus Booster

• Super Natural Genius - Audio Track

• Math Genius Tools & Techniques

3D Imagery Vision & Focus Enhancer - It is a “vision therapy” consisting of exercises to systematically train your entire visual system through 3D images that are specially designed using patented algorithms. This technology gives you a 3D visual experience, utilizing your natural gift of sight.

Brain Boosters & Brain Gymnastics Program - A group of dynamic techniques and methods based on applied kinesiology that uses elegant body movements to integrate brain functioning for efficient learning and greater productivity.

Brain-Coherence Technology - (HIGH-TECH LEFT-RIGHT BRAIN SYNCHRONIZATION) - Through Brain-Coherence Technology you will learn to replace your mental disturbance with Peace and Stability. A coherent brain is free of negative thoughts, which is a perfect state to operate from.

Computer Based Eye-Brain Coordination Enhancer - This intensive Eye-Brain Coordination Technology builds your core processing skills, which are needed for super-reading and learning. Through unique techniques you will develop skills and make physical changes to the brain in just seven minutes, resulting with permanently enriched learning abilities.

DNA Rejuvenation - Audio Track - Sound frequencies which reprogram your DNA, improve physical health, enhance immune system, decrease the aging process and increase feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.

Heart-Coherence Technology - Heart-Coherence Technology will help increase your stress management abilities and interpersonal skills. This technology is based on the research that feeling positive emotions causes smooth heart rhythm. A shift in heart rhythm creates favorable cascade of neural, hormonal, and biochemical events that benefit the entire body.

Mind Power Builder - Focus Booster - Acquire the heightened ability to Concentrate and boost your power to Focus your Thoughts to a single direction.

Super Natural Genius Activator For I.Q. – Audio Track - Sound frequencies which program your subconscious and awaken your natural genius. A powerful tool for transforming and unleashing your whole brain thinking. It boosts your extraordinary mental output and reframes the concept of genius.

Healthy Brain Diet Recommendations - Healthy Brain Diet Recommendations to enhance your brain performance, improve recall abilities as well as to keep your brain active and healthy.