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#TeamPakistan Wins Big
in its Debut Performance

Students were trained by Institute of Human Memory Development and the
entire trip was Sponsored by Consultants for Our Future World (Pvt) Ltd. (

Sania Alam

Promoted to Level 3 Arbiter
By Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters (GOMSA)

3 Gold Medals 
Pakistan Team won 3 Gold Medals

Kisa Zehra
2019 UK Open Speed-Reading Champion

Nabeel Hasan
2019 UK Open Junior Memory Champion

Kisa Zehra
Names & Faces Discipline
2019 UK Open Memory Championship

Silver Medal
Pakistan Team won 1 Silver Medal

Kisa Zehra
Silver Medal Position 
2019 UK Open Mind Mapping Championship

Bronze Medal 
Pakistan Team won 1 Bronze Medal

Nabeel Hasan
Bronze Medal Position
2019 UK Open Mind Mapping Championship

The 3 Championships that were held back-to-back in London, England were, the Speed-Reading Championship, Mind Mapping Championship, and the Memory Championship. 
The Pakistan Team was amongst competitors from 12 countries (Pakistan, China, India, Russian, England, Wales, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Germany, & Australia). With the best competing against each other, Pakistan was able to bring back home 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals. A proud moment of celebration as Team Pakistan represents its country on an international platform.

Event Pictures & Videos

Speed-Reading Championship

Competitors read an unpublished novel / work of fiction from publishing company with a 2 hours’ time to read the complete book. Afterwards, a comprehension test was taken.

Mind Mapping Championship

Discipline One – Note taking from a Lecture
Competitors were required to listen to a 25-30 minute lecture on a subject with no prior warning of the topic. Mind Map notes were taken during the lecture. An additional 20-minute time limit was given to create a second ‘tidied up’ version, submitted for marking.

Discipline Two – Note Making Freestyle
Competitors created a Mind Map on a subject of their own choice. Bonus points were given for creative expression within the Mind Map Laws.  

Memory Championship

National Format Memory Championship
10 disciplines covered over 1 day championship.  

Participation as an Arbiter (Judge) in
International & World Memory Competitions. 

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World Memory Championships & World Memory Sports Council.